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Poster Session 4

Poster Session 4 (June 16, Friday, 16:15-17:15)

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Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper title
129Han Wang, Leonardo Felipe Toso, James AndersonFedSysID: A Federated Approach to Sample-Efficient System Identification
2144Fernando Castañeda, Haruki Nishimura, Rowan Thomas McAllister, Koushil Sreenath, Adrien GaidonIn-Distribution Barrier Functions: Self-Supervised Policy Filters that Avoid Out-of-Distribution States
313Bence Zsombor Hadlaczky, Noémi Friedman, Béla Takarics, Balint VanekWing shape estimation with Extended Kalman filtering and KalmanNet neural network of a flexible wing aircraft
497Luigi Campanaro, Daniele De Martini, Siddhant Gangapurwala, Wolfgang Merkt, Ioannis HavoutisRoll-Drop: accounting for observation noise with a single parameter
540Majid Khadiv, Avadesh Meduri, Huaijiang Zhu, Ludovic Righetti, Bernhard SchölkopfLearning Locomotion Skills from MPC in Sensor Space
6132Yashaswini Murthy, Mehrdad Moharrami, R. SrikantModified Policy Iteration for Exponential Cost Risk Sensitive MDPs
722Ian Char, Joseph Abbate, Laszlo Bardoczi, Mark Boyer,
Youngseog Chung, Rory Conlin, Keith Erickson, Viraj Mehta,
Nathan Richner, Egemen Kolemen, Jeff Schneider
Offline Model-Based Reinforcement Learning for Tokamak Control
8109Yaqi Duan, Martin J. Wainwright, Martin WainwrightPolicy evaluation from a single path: Multi-step methods, mixing and mis-specification
9161Yikun Cheng, Pan Zhao, Naira HovakimyanSafe Model-Free Reinforcement Learning using Disturbance-Observer-Based Control Barrier Functions
10166Pengzhi Yang, Shumon Koga, Arash Asgharivaskasi, Nikolay AtanasovPolicy Learning for Active Target Tracking over Continuous SE(3) Trajectories
1177SooJean Han, Soon-Jo Chung, Johanna GustafsonCongestion Control of Vehicle Traffic Networks by Learning Structural and Temporal Patterns
1294Yuxiang Yang, Xiangyun Meng, Wenhao Yu, Tingnan Zhang, Jie Tan, Byron BootsContinuous Versatile Jumping Using Learned Action Residuals
1339Sophia Huiwen Sun, Robin Walters, Jinxi Li, Rose YuProbabilistic Symmetry for Multi-Agent Dynamics
14172Saber Jafarpour, Akash Harapanahalli, Samuel CooganInterval Reachability of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Neural Network Controllers
1570Joshua Pilipovsky, Vignesh Sivaramakrishnan, Meeko Oishi, Panagiotis TsiotrasProbabilistic Verification of ReLU Neural Networks via Characteristic Functions
1638Zifan Wang, Yulong Gao, Siyi Wang, Michael Zavlanos, Alessandro Abate, Karl Henrik JohanssonPolicy Evaluation in Distributional LQR
1787Xu Zhang, Marcos VasconcelosTop-k data selection via distributed sample quantile inference
1856Alessio Russo, Alexandre ProutiereAnalysis and Detectability of Offline Data Poisoning Attacks on Linear Dynamical Systems
1996Valentin Duruisseaux, Thai P. Duong, Melvin Leok, Nikolay AtanasovLie Group Forced Variational Integrator Networks for Learning and Control of Robot Systems
2090An Thai Le, Kay Hansel, Jan Peters, Georgia ChalvatzakiHierarchical Policy Blending As Optimal Transport
2143Rahel Rickenbach, Elena Arcari, Melanie ZeilingerTime Dependent Inverse Optimal Control using Trigonometric Basis Functions
2291Weiye Zhao, Tairan He, Changliu LiuProbabilistic Safeguard for Reinforcement Learning Using Safety Index Guided Gaussian Process Models
23160Xunbi Ji, Gabor OroszLearning the dynamics of autonomous nonlinear delay systems
24102Prithvi Akella, Skylar X. Wei, Joel W. Burdick, Aaron AmesLearning Disturbances Online for Risk-Aware Control: Risk-Aware Flight with Less Than One Minute of Data
253Michelle Guo, Yifeng Jiang, Andrew Everett Spielberg, Jiajun Wu, Karen LiuBenchmarking Rigid Body Contact Models
2675Reza Khodayi-mehr, Pingcheng Jian, Michael ZavlanosPhysics-Guided Active Learning of Environmental Flow Fields
2778Adrien Banse, Licio Romao, Alessandro Abate, Raphael JungersData-driven memory-dependent abstractions of dynamical systems
28151Serban Sabau, Yifei Zhang, Sourav Kumar Ukil, Andrei SperilaSample Complexity for Evaluating the Robust Linear Observer’s Performance under Coprime Factors Uncertainty