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Poster Session 2

Poster Session 2 (June 15, Thursday, 16:30-17:30).

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Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper title
173Francesco De Lellis, Marco Coraggio, Giovanni Russo, Mirco Musolesi, Mario di BernardoCT-DQN: Control-Tutored Deep Reinforcement Learning
2168Bilgehan Sel, Ahmad Tawaha, Yuhao Ding, Ruoxi Jia, Bo Ji, Javad Lavaei, Ming JinLearning-to-Learn to Guide Random Search: Derivative-Free Meta Blackbox Optimization on Manifold
341Daniel Tabas, Ahmed S Zamzam, Baosen ZhangInterpreting Primal-Dual Algorithms for Constrained Multiagent Reinforcement Learning
448Elie Aljalbout, Maximilian Karl, Patrick van der SmagtCLAS: Coordinating Multi-Robot Manipulation with Central Latent Action Spaces
554Arnob GhoshProvably Efficient Model-free RL in Leader-Follower MDP with Linear Function Approximation
621Guanchun Tong, Michael MuehlebachA Dynamical Systems Perspective on Discrete Optimization
7114Paula Gradu, Elad Hazan, Edgar MinasyanAdaptive Regret for Control of Time-Varying Dynamics
8142Anushri Dixit, Lars Lindemann, Skylar Wei, Matthew Cleaveland, George J. Pappas, Joel W. BurdickAdaptive Conformal Prediction for Motion Planning among Dynamic Agents
930Doumitrou Daniil Nimara, Mohammadreza Malek-Mohammadi, Petter Ogren, Jieqiang Wei, Vincent HuangModel-Based Reinforcement Learning for Cavity Filter Tuning
1032Tobias Enders, James Harrison, Marco Pavone, Maximilian SchifferHybrid Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Mobility on Demand Systems
11154Sheng Cheng, Lin Song, Minkyung Kim, Shenlong Wang, Naira HovakimyanDiffTune+: Hyperparameter-Free Auto-Tuning using Auto-Differentiation
12118Guillaume O Berger, Sriram SankaranarayananTemplate-Based Piecewise Affine Regression
1336Nick-Marios Kokolakis, Kyriakos G Vamvoudakis, Wassim HaddadReachability Analysis-based Safety-Critical Control using Online Fixed-Time Reinforcement Learning
1445Hancheng Min, Enrique MalladaLearning Coherent Clusters in Weakly-Connected Network Systems
15157Orhan Eren Akgun, Arif Kerem Dayi, Stephanie Gil, Angelia NedichLearning Trust Over Directed Graphs in Multiagent Systems
1625Gautam Goel, Naman Agarwal, Karan Singh, Elad HazanBest of Both Worlds in Online Control: Competitive Ratio and Policy Regret
17131Taha Entesari, Mahyar FazlyabAutomated Reachability Analysis of Neural Network-Controlled Systems via Adaptive Polytopes
1895Armand Comas, Christian Fernandez Lopez, Sandesh Ghimire, Haolin Li, Mario Sznaier, Octavia CampsLearning Object-Centric Dynamic Modes from Video and Emerging Properties
19133Muhammad Abdullah NaeemConcentration Phenomenon for Random Dynamical Systems: An Operator Theoretic Approach
20145Songyuan Zhang, Yumeng Xiu, Guannan Qu, Chuchu FanCompositional Neural Certificates for Networked Dynamical Systems
21140Dongsheng Ding, Xiaohan Wei, Zhuoran Yang, Zhaoran Wang, Mihailo JovanovicProvably Efficient Generalized Lagrangian Policy Optimization for Safe Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
22128Lauren E Conger, Sydney Vernon, Eric MazumdarDesigning System Level Synthesis Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Stability Guarantees
2359Sydney Dolan, Siddharth Nayak, Hamsa BalakrishnanSatellite Navigation and Coordination with Limited Information Sharing
24167Yi Tian, Kaiqing Zhang, Russ Tedrake, Suvrit SraCan Direct Latent Model Learning Solve Linear Quadratic Gaussian Control?
25120Tianqi Cui, Thomas Bertalan, George J. Pappas, Manfred Morari, Yannis Kevrekidis, Mahyar FazlyabCertified Invertibility in Neural Networks via Mixed-Integer Programming
26147Yitian Chen, Timothy Molloy, Tyler Summers, Iman ShamesRegret Analysis of Online LQR Control via Trajectory Prediction and Tracking
27112Thomas TCK Zhang, Katie Kang, Bruce D Lee, Claire Tomlin, Sergey Levine, Stephen Tu, Nikolai MatniMulti-Task Imitation Learning for Linear Dynamical Systems
2879Jan Achterhold, Philip Tobuschat, Hao Ma, Dieter Büchler, Michael Muehlebach, Joerg StuecklerBlack-Box vs. Grey-Box: A Case Study on Learning Ping Pong Ball Trajectory Prediction with Spin and Impacts
2968Rishi Rani, Massimo FranceschettiDetection of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks in Model-Free Reinforcement Learning